Monday, 20 May 2013

KONKAN - Adventurous and Eye-catching Route While Visiting South-Western Costal Area of India

Konkan Route which was constructed and is being operated by Konkan Railway Corporation is among one of the unique of its type and is famous all over the world for its high standard of engineering work. Generally Konkan area involves area from Thokur(Kerala), Mangalore in Karnataka, Goa and then ending at Roha(Maharashtra) covering western Ghats and costal area of India. Before the born of Konkan Railway route, the two important port cities Mumbai and Mangalore was not connected directly with railway route.

Difficulties Overhead:

The economical reasons provided a strong stand for the connection of both the major cities so that both of them can be benefited economically. The problem that was making this delay was the tough geographically area and high challenging ghats. At last after long effort a railway route was constructed in 1966 between Diva and Panvel in Raigad district (Mumbai).

Creating the route which involved more than 2,000 bridges and more than 100 short and long tunnels over sky touching mountains and passing through rivers, this project was one of the toughest and even the biggest project in that time. Other challenge was the terrains, flash floods, tunnel collapse and landslides even after working hard at many places during laying down the track.

Tourism Attraction:

Although Konkan railway route is still in developing stage, then also it have wide range of flora and fauna that makes the visitors fall in love with it. This route is entirely covered with dense forest, high mountains, long bridges and tunnels that make nature lovers to enjoy it and force them to have a visit again and again. If we go on describing the tourism attraction in Konkan Route there will be more than 100 places that come in between, so we are showcasing the places that have gain popularity globally for its uniqueness and beauty, they are:
  • Dudhsagar Falls:  It is one of the beautiful waterfall that is based on Mandovi River located between Goa and Karnataka border. It is just 46 Km from Madgaon railway station and 60 Km from Panji city. Since the water that keeps on falling appears white like pure milk, so is the name given.  Doodh is hindi word for milk and therefore the name came up “Dudhsagar” i.e. collection of milk.
Dudhsagar is one of the most unique waterfall, It is 5th tallest waterfall in India and 227th in world having height of 310 m. It is localted in Bhagwan Mahawir Wild Life Sanctuary at Collem in South Goa. Thousands of Foreigners come every year to see this beautiful natural beauty.

  • Murdeshwar: The Murdeshwar beach, in Murdeshwar of Bhatkal Taluka, Karnataka is another beach that attracts thousands of tourist from all over the world. Although it is famous mostly because of religious city still it has many beautiful beaches for tourists. “Murdeshwar” is another name for the Hindu god Shiva. It is famous worldwide because of its Shiva statue which is world’s second tallest statue, the 1st one being in Nepal.

The nearest airport is Manglore airport which is nearabout 150 Km from here. This Murdeshwar temple and Raja Gopuram is surrounded on three sides by Arabian sea, a Gopuram 20-storied is also constructed nearby.

  •  Om Beach, Gokarna: Gokarna is a beautiful town located in Uttar kannada district of Karnataka district. It is popular tourist attraction as well as Hindu Pilgrimage centre.  There are plenty of beaches in the city that are source of attraction and drive thousands of tourists every year.

Gokarna have the meaning “Cow’s Ear”. The people have methodology that Lord Shiva emerged from the ear of a cow named Prithvi (Mother earth) here. The Best and the historical beach among all is OM Beach. Om beach is named after its shape of auspicious Om Symbol.


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